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Commentary: The World is in Need of the End of US-China Trade Disputes


On Thursday morning, 5 September,Chinese and US chief trade negotiators spoke on the phone call, China initiated the call, agreeing to hold the 13th round of high-level economic and trade talks in Washington in early October and maintain close communications going into that negotiation.

The message, made public, lifted the stock markets in many countries, including China and the United States.

The world is in urgent need of an end to trade tensions. Implementing the consensus reached by Presidents Trump and Xi, the 2 heads of state, to resolve problems through consultation and cooperation is the correct choice for the 2 countries.

In spite of differences, the US and China have vast combined interests and areas that require diligent co-operation. And so, they should promote each other’s development and seek mutually acceptable solutions.

China needs FDI and has been efforts to better its trade environment and open wider to the world, which it believes will enable the global economy to share the benefits of it economic growth in wide areas of commerce and technology.

From January to July, FDI (foreign direct investment) into the Chinese Mainland expanded 7.3% Y-Y to about $75-B, with 24,050 new foreign-funded enterprises established, according to China’s Ministry of Commerce.

China says that it is willing to come back to the negotiating table and manage differences with the US, and that trade talks should be re-started toward implementing consensuses reached by Presidents Trump and Xi at the outset and thus achieve the progress needed to end the tensions.

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