Commentary: Paul Ebeling on Buying Vintage & Classic Ferraris

Commentary: Paul Ebeling on Buying Vintage & Classic Ferraris

Commentary: Paul Ebeling on Buying Vintage & Classic Ferraris


For the last 50 years+ that I have attended to Concours d’Elegance’s, Historic Racing events and Classic Car exhibitions I have seen the most beautiful beautiful cars, and now the passion for automotive masterpieces and the art that it represents is stronger than ever, especially for the leader, Ferrari (NYSE:RACE).

In the Classic Car market, it looks like now is the best time for collectors who take the time to choose the best examples, and not miss the rarest opportunities.

The reason are these:

  1.  The market continues to rise with Ferrari the leader, the data reveals that since Y 1995 Top Tier cars from the Maranello outfit have risen 10.25% cumulative on an annual basis.
  2. The market has turned less speculative, is now soild, strong more stable even for the less desirable examples.
  3. This meaning that knowledge and experience is Key to making the right choice. So expert advice is crucial.

Now more than ever not only what they like but select the very best examples that they can afford, focusing on provenance, quality, rarity and exclusivity.

Thus insuring a long lasting investment, and lets one enjoy the car without doubts or regrets.

The history of every vintage and classic car is what makes it special and valuable, and now patina and originality have become highly sought-after. Fully restored, 100 point cars are not the only choice in today’s market.

Sure, some collectors prefer fully restored “better than new” cars, some collectors will love cars that as they grow older get better like fine wine.

As for the rarest and finest aka Top Tier Ferraris, restored or not restored, they can only be compared to museum works of art, unique, beautiful, and important historically.

These cars should not be stored away for private viewings only, the best of them need to be shared with the public world wide.

That time is coming I believe.

HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.36) Neutral (0.14) Bullish (0.40) Very Bullish (0.54)

Have a terrific week

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