Comey & McCabe Cannot Both be ‘Telling the Truth’

Comey & McCabe Cannot Both be ‘Telling the Truth’

Comey & McCabe Cannot Both be ‘Telling the Truth’

The sacked and disgraced former FBI Director James Comey and his sacked and disgraced ex-Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, have been contradicting each other with their versions of what occurred with the investigation into 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and both cannot be telling the truth.

“It is not just these 2,” Representative Dave Brat (R-VA) Virginia Republican said on TV Friday.

“It is the Top 10 political appointees, not the men and women who serve the country in the FBI. The major problem is all the lies and misinformation are systematically in favor of the Democrats. There is nothing ever that comes in favor of the Trump administration or Republicans.”

Andrew McCabe has given at least misleading testimony 4X if not false testimony and maybe violated criminal law.

The Inspector General is pursuing the case, and “hopefully justice is done,” said Mr. Brat.

“The American people are fed up with all of this. They say there are two tiers of justice, one for the elites in the swamp and then their neighbors, who are in jail in a week,” he said.

James Comey also leaked information, and lied about it before Congress, said Mr. Brat.

“That leaking led to the formation of a special prosecutor against [President Donald] Trump on Russian collusion,” he added. “To this day there is no evidence on Russian collusion. They’re on a fishing expedition…making accusations and every day in the halls in D.C. The press comes up to all of us there is a new damaging report, what do you think of it? It turns out there is no content to it. That’s the way the mainstream press is operating these days. It is totally partisan.”

“For 1 year we’re talking about justice and everybody putting a full-throated aggressive push on the administration, the Trump administration.

“The American people want to see some evidence. On the other side, from Comey on down and [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein was also in on the creation of the [Russian] dossier and allowing that to go forward so that they could spy on American citizens and The Trump Administration. Now there is some collusion with Russians for real and not a word on the mainstream media ever.”

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