When it Comes to Ultra-Luxury is it Roll Royce or Bentley?

When it Comes to Ultra-Luxury is it Roll Royce or Bentley?

When it Comes to Ultra-Luxury is it Roll Royce or Bentley?

When it comes to Ultra-luxury motorcars for most it is either Roll Royce or Bentley, for me it is both

I have driven every Rolls on the market since Y 1962, and some from the teens, 20’s and 30’s, and have owned many during that frame.For performance and looks, the cars more live up to their status as the most regal automotive brand in the world.

On the other hand, I have driven and owned  Bentley’s, vintage, classic and modern too, they are different, sporty, fast, and race bred.

I like them both, but today let’s look at the Rolls Royce line up.

The RR Ghost has an excellent 12-cylinder BMW Group-made engine with 563hp and 575 pound-feet of torque, with 13mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway.

The steering in Ghost lighter, looser, and elegant.

The Rolls Royce Ghost is 212 ins long, 5,490 lbs, 76.7 ins wide and when driving feels like you gliding along a super smooth roadway.

Inside, the comparison between Rolls Royce Ghost and the Bentley Muslanne is a draw. Each comes with 2 rear seats with automatic fold-down polished wooden writing tables, television screens, ventilated reclining chairs, champagne coolers, privacy shades, and trunks large enough to fit ample luggage for a week’s travel away from home.

Both Bentley Motors at its Crewe UK factory and Rolls Royce Motors at its Goodwood, UK HQ’s offer extensive bespoke and 1-off capabilities for their clients.

They will build and install special cabinets made for watches, safes, whiskey carts, jewelry boxes, wooden script inserted into the dash, picnic baskets and exterior paint colors beyond imagination. The only limit to what you can commission is your imagination and daring. The designers there may tell you that you have to wait a while to get your special project built, but they will not say no.

Ghost’s hood is long, angled at the edges, and often painted in the two-tone mode. Its single headlights are streamlined and minimal, and the grill is tall, with long vertical slats set up underneath the iconic Spirit of Ecstasy aka Flying Lady sculpted above. A 24-karat Gold hood ornament and 21-in Silver alloy wheels are optional.

From 50 yrs of driving experience, I can tell you that a Rolls Royce creates much more attention when you drive it.

Added to that its exquisite craftsmanship inside and regal aura outside will fill your fondest regal motoring fantasies.

But, whichever you choose, Roll Royce or Bentley you will have a good drive.

Stay tuned…


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