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Colombo Swiss House In Sri Lanka Expected To Encourage Tourism

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With a period of 3 days out from the grand opening, the ‘Colombo Swiss House’ was revealed to an audience of select invitees and media personnel.

Speaking at the occasion was the Ambassador of Switzerland to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Hanspeter Mock who stated that it was a dream come true to see a home transformed into a traditional Swiss ‘Stübli’ (restaurant) right in the heart of Colombo. Ambassador Mock further stated that after celebrating their national day on the 1st of August, the Swiss in general don’t stop celebrating and this time the merriment will continue right here in Sri Lanka thanks to the ‘Colombo Swiss House’ which wouldn’t be possible if not for their traditional event partners Mount Lavinia Hotel and other companies.

Aerial view of central Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Ambassador Mock’s words were followed by the Chairman of the Mount Lavinia Hotel’s speech, Sanath Ukwatte who said that the ‘Colombo Swiss House’ is nothing short of an eventful trendsetter open to the public for enjoyment.

He further said that events such as these help to uplift the morally down tourism sector which was marred and is facing major setbacks. Events such as this will overturn the negative impressions and perspectives of tourists and the general public into a more positive outlook.

The event concluded with cocktails and glimpses of what is to come. Traditional Swiss favorites such as the mouthwatering ‘fondue’, cervelat, fish knüsperli, basel brownies and apple tarts were served. The transformed house was the focal point of the event as it displayed true craftsmanship and expertise. The restaurant setting is quite unimaginable and features the mimicking of Swiss architectural elements bringing about a sense that one is truly in Switzerland.

Throughout the two week period the restaurant will also feature a selection of fine wines courtesy of Favourite International / Park Street Gourmet which can be purchased in order to compliment the delicious food. It is favorable to mention that Schnapps will also be on the choice of beverages. You can also purchase Swiss merchandise such as watches and chocolate from a select range of Swiss brands. Further complimenting the atmosphere with some melodic Swiss tunes would be Olivier Forel who would be playing at the restaurant from the 19th of August’19.

The ‘Colombo Swiss House’ will be open to the public on the 15th of August at No. 138/4 Kynsey Rd, Colombo 07 (next to the UNOPS office) and will serve dinner daily from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm until 27th August’19. Witness and taste authentic dishes from the very heart of Switzerland in a heartwarming atmosphere of a traditional Swiss ‘Stübli’ (restaurant).

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