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Coach Bee: I Ate Too Much!

What happens when you eat too much?

Nothing! Literally. Nothing.

Okay but to be fair, the reason you are asking is because you feel a little guilty from all that feasting. And you are probably worried that all that food have thrown your gains down the drain or all that feasting has caused your abs to disappear and you are just feeling a little icky and gross about yourself because you have gave in to your deepest darkest temptation and cravings.


We are only human, and eating is a social event, it is more emotional and comforting than we really think about it. It can be a solitary act but it’s more fun when we are around a group of friends or just people in general. It is also a way we stay connected with our friends and family especially during the holiday season. We feast and we enjoy conversations as we spend time with our loved ones. It is also a way we bring our culture to the table when we meet friends from around the world. Stressing about avoiding the Cheese Tower or the Tiramisu just isn’t worth it.

So, lets talk about what really happens physically when we eat too much.

Your stomach stretches.

Food is there for enjoyment and pleasure. It is not limited from you.

Before you freak out over the image of your stomach stretching (I did too when I first learned this) …Your stomach is SUPPOSED to stretch.

To an extent.

The stomach is covered in little folds called rugae. They allow the stomach to stretch and shrink, depending on how much food is inside. But if we overeat, it stretches beyond what it’s really supposed to after a regular meal. And it’s uncomfortable.

How much your stomach can comfortably stretch depends on how much you eat on the daily. On average, your stomach is about the size of a fist but can stretch as much as you like as you consume more food.

You might feel a little nauseous.

Before you freak out over the image of your stomach stretching (I did too when I first learned this) …Your stomach is SUPPOSED to stretch

“I ate soooo much I wanna puke and die.”

Haven’t we all said that at some point?! I think it’s an exaggeration most of the time, but that nauseating, “too full” feeling is definitely a familiar one. So can you actually get sick from eating too much? Kinda.

When the stomach stretches beyond it’s comfort level, the extra pressure makes you feel nauseated. ESPECIALLY if it stretches too quickly (like if you eat too much AND too fast).

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