CNN Stops Reporting News, Focuses on Attacking Trump and Russia

CNN Stops Reporting News, Focuses on Attacking Trump and Russia

CNN Stops Reporting News, Focuses on Attacking Trump and Russia

If you are looking for actual news then CNN is not for you, the front page and the broadcast network are no solely dedicated to attacking Trump and Russia.

The coverage is so myopic it is laughable, Trump won the election in the USA, he won it by satisfying the demands of the voting public. Lets take a look at some of the Fun #FakeNews on CNN.

Clinton beat Trump as she had more of the total vote

Very interesting and partly accurate, she got more total votes. But that is not how the election process works in the USA, Clinton and Trump both had the rule book, they both gave it their best shot, Trump won. Clinton getting more votes than Trump is a total irrelevancy that is being used to question Trump’s legitimacy. When the Electoral College cast its votes on December 19, 2016, Trump received 304 votes to Clinton’s 227 a resounding Trump victory.

In the United States presidential election system, instead of the nationwide popular vote determining the outcome of the election, the President of the United States is determined by votes cast by electors of the Electoral College. Alternatively, if no candidate receives an absolute majority of electoral votes, the election is determined by the House of Representatives. These procedures are governed by the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Putin is a Monster

I have no idea why Putin is a monster, it appears he has drawn the criticism because he attacked bombed and killed Obama’s pet Muslims (otherwise known as ISIS) in Syria. Obama planned to fund ISIS to overthrow the evil Al-Assad, Al-Assad is evil because he squashed fundamental uprisings in a secular country.

Putin has done the world a favour in Syria, he has saved Muslim and Christian lives that were under attack by ISIS.

Putin invaded Crimea, yes he did, he invaded to protect the rights of Russians living there from Ukrainian abuses, don’t we wish we had leaders like that in the west!

To make it easier for the not so bright crew at CNN they have put Putin and Trump in the same bag, they are working together, Putin got Trump elected, Wikileaks does not exist and the contents of the Podesta Emails can not be reported on.

Wolf Blitzer even suggested someone assassinate Trump. CNN leaked interview questions to the DNC.

CNN is part of an evil machine, a machine that wants to steal your free thinking independence, turn it off.

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