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ClubRare Partnered With MXN To Accelerates Blockchain Innovation

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ClubRare has form a new partnership with MXN Holdings, a global e-commerce infrastructure company. This will allow ClubRare to leverage their 18 logistics hubs across 7 countries, dramatically accelerating ClubRare’s vision to become the foremost e-commerce leader in web3.

ClubRare is innovating “Phygital NFT” technology. This exclusive feature for creators and brands to back their physical collectibles with NFTs, deploy them to buyers worldwide with a custom shipping and authentication solution, and allow users to bring their real-world goods into the metaverse. This takes the NFT economy to a whole new level, and requires a better complex logistics and fulfillment infrastructure, with specialized knowledge in inventory management, localization, customs clearance, and import duties.

ClubRare plans to work closely with MXN and their MINT platform, in order refine and expand the ClubRare Node program. ClubRare Nodes will be fulfillment and authentication centers for luxury goods, taking the burden off creators as they market their products to a global audience, and granting them frictionless access to a blockchain-based economy.

MXN Holdings has more than 20 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce. With major client partners like TUMI, PUMA, ASOS, and Naver, they have helped over 6000 brands achieve global e-commerce. They have recently invested $25 million USD to construct a new global hub in South Korea’s Incheon International Airport, which is a top 6 airport globally.

As an main accelerator of cross-border e-commerce, MXN Holdings has pioneered global product sourcing with “MINT Connect”, “MINT Fulfillment”, and “MINT Publisher”. Unified on the MINT platform, this also offers REMEEME — a service providing one-to-one matching of physical assets to digital assets.

MXN Holdings also offers MINT Oracle. MINT Oracle allows separate supply chain participants to operate on a single chain of timestamped location data, using a unique joint delivery mechanism.

MXN Holdings is currently preparing an ICO launch through the MINT Oracle DAO.

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