Club Med Beidahu Celebrated Opening with 50% Off Room-rates

Club Med Beidahu Celebrated Opening with 50% Off Room-rates

Club Med Beidahu Celebrated Opening with 50% Off Room-rates

To celebrated the opening of its brand new resort in Beidahu, Club Med has launched a “Double Happiness” promotion in August, that’s over so, now let us review what the new resort has to offer…


Situated in the heart of Jilin Province, Club Med Beidahu rests comfortably on one of the leading ski summits China has to offer.

Taking inspiration from the luscious alpine surroundings, the ski-in/ski-out resort boasts 176 rooms, designed with luxury and comfort in mind.

Recline in the spacious enclaves with contemporary timber undertones, set to treat guests to the comforts of home whilst immersing in the luxuries of a hassle-free getaway.

Just 90 minutes away from the Changchun Airport, this hidden gem is blessed with spectacular panoramas and magnificent scenery.


The resort will offer guests a new unique ski experience with the most up-to-date facilities.

Club Med Beidahu is located at the Mecca of winter sports in Changchun, established since the Asian Winter Games in Y 2007. Renowned for its majestic rime ice backdrop, ski enthusiasts and professionals are pampered with the beguiling splendor of the resort’s 19 pistes stretching across 26 km situated between 4,606 to 1,725 feet.

Guests have a choice with ski runs ranging from adrenaline-pumping cross country and alpine trails to aerial skiing style platforms and snowboarding options, guaranteed to quench any ski enthusiast’s thirst for adventure.

Even the little ones get to enjoy the fun with a dedicated kid’s ski room and snow garden. Regardless of skill level, every guest at Club Med Beidahu can take home something new with Club Med’s professionally trained Gentil Organiseurs (G.Os) guiding you to new heights.

Offering a inspired wonderland children can fully express themselves with the premium facilities at the Club Med Kid’s Clubs. The first dedicated space for teenagers aged 11 to 17 years old in China, Club Med Passworld provides a different holiday experience with an exclusive video-editing suite and interactive video game lounge.

Children aged 4 to 10 are offered a plethora of activities at Mini Club Med to explore their talents including a special effects photo booth and dedicated rooms for recreation, art and music.

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