Clinton is the Criminal not Putin

Clinton is the Criminal not Putin

Clinton is the Criminal not Putin

As Clinton and the left continue to implode over the prospect of a successful Trump/Putin summit, the President arrived in Helsinki on Monday to meet his Russian counterpart. Trump has made no indication that he will press Putin on alleged election meddling, but told reporters that he intends to discuss “everything from trade to military to missiles to nuclear to China when he sits down to a 90-minute closed-doors meeting with the Russian president.

Since losing the election, Clinton has blamed everyone and everything from former President Barack Obama to the Green Party’s Jill Stein, to the media and the FBI, to sexism and ‘self-hating women’ for her loss.

However, the former secretary of state has reserved most of her scorn for Russia and its leader, Putin. In her book, ‘What Happened’, Clinton argued that Putin’s alleged support for Trump was driven by his own sexism. “He’s not exactly fond of strong women,” she wrote.

The ‘blame Russia’ line was adopted by the Democratic Party, who filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit in April accusing the Trump campaign, the Russian government and WikiLeaks, among others, of conspiring to rig the 2016 election. A Russian government spokesperson described the suit as “a kind of attempt by the Democrats to justify their defeat.”

Despite the fact that White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s year-long investigation has failed to disclose any proof of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, Clinton continues to see Russian boogeymen everywhere.

“The Russians aren’t done,” she said at a book signing late last year. “This is an ongoing threat and that is one of the reasons why I wrote the book and one of the reasons I’m talking about it.”

However, some Twitter users questioned what team Clinton herself plays on. Before the 2016 election, Clinton was dogged by accusations that her State Department oversaw the sale of US uranium to Russia, in exchange for a multimillion dollar donation to her and husband Bill’s Clinton Foundation.

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took a shot at President Donald Trump on the eve of his much-anticipated meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, questioning the latter’s loyalty. Twitter responded.

“Great World Cup,” Clinton tweeted, before deploying a clumsy metaphor to question Trump’s loyalty. “Question for President Trump as he meets Putin: Do you know which team you play for?”

Twitter immediately responded. To many, Clinton’s tweet was just another example of her bitterness following her shock loss at the ballot box in 2016.

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