Climate Alarmists Already Missing The California Drought

Climate Alarmists Already Missing The California Drought

Climate Alarmists Already Missing The California Drought

Well the rains came after all to California and it was the answer to prayer for many citizens. For others the rain was a splash in the face, so to speak.

California’s sevenyear drought came in very handy for climate conspirators. Their heat hysteria convinced gullible legislators that only by seizing control of the economy and tightening the noose of regulation around people’s lives could a weather wipeout be avoided.

It didn’t matter that California is a semi-arid state and periodic droughts are part of the climate package. Past droughts are in the past. The one that was just concluded was here right now and could be used to beat the extreme weather, coming-doom drum.

But now it’s rained on their parade. A drought the warmist New York Times characterized as “unending,” ended.

The Daily Mail reports San Francisco hasn’t had this much rain in one storm since 1982 during the bleak Reagan years. Since the first of the year the city has had 5.53 inches of precipitation. The California Department of Water Resources calculates Northern California reservoirs have added one million acres of water to storage. (Why water storage is measured in terms of acres like land and not in terms of gallons like say, water, will remain a mystery to me.)

Roy W. Spencer on his website has startling before-and-after satellite pictures of before rain and after rain California. The photos from 2014 look like Haiti without the Clintons, while the January 2017 shots look like California.

One of the site’s contributors says reservoirs in the state are now at 113 percent of “historical average storage for this date.” This is good news for everyone other than Al Gore and his depressing band of climate Cassandras.

What’s more, even though I know I’m taking a risk citing them as a source, CNN admits 42 percent of the state is now “drought free.” This is a big increase from last year’s 3 percent.

Of course, as I predicted here, rain hitting parched, dry land did result in some flooding. That’s the only bright spot for the alarmist crowd. Turning on a dime from calling a predictable drought “extreme weather” the climate Cassandras will now be trying to panic the populace over “extreme” flooding.

The fact is there has always been variety in the weather. That’s why the cliché calls a fickle woman “as changeable as the weather.” Smart elected officials prepare for the drought by storing water and the flood by building dams and spillways.

Unfortunately, in California we have Democrats and “environmentalists.”

By Michael Reagan

Paul Ebeling, Editor

Editor’s Note: Michael Reagan, the eldest son of President Reagan, is a political analyst. A syndicated columnist and author, he chairs The Reagan Legacy Foundation and an 30+ year friend. PE

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