It is Clear, President Trump Means Business About NKorea

It is Clear, President Trump Means Business About NKorea

It is Clear, President Trump Means Business About NKorea

President Donald Trump’s blunt talk at the UN let the world know that there will be consequences “for the destabilizing activities of NKorea.

The President’s speech at the UN General assembly surprised many buy his plainspokenness, as those diplomats are not used to that kind of blunt talk.

President Trump is helping the world to now better understand exactly where the US stands on many issues, including holding NorthKorea to account for its actions.

The world is coming together and imposing sanctions upon NKorea at really an unprecedented rate.

As proof is that NKorea started to stock up on lots of supplies earlier this year. The State Department believes they were doing that knowing that there would be more sanctions instituted. It believes they are starting to run low on some of those supplies.

“To the extent that we can starve them… of money… they’ll start to really feel the pinch.”

President Trumps strategy is a “peaceful pressure campaign,” that resulted in President Trump’s phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping in which they talked about Beijing “fulfilling its obligations in terms of issuing sanctions against North Korea,” China announced “it was going to be doing more to try to crack down on North Korea.”

People should not read into the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not attend the General Assembly, saying that productive diplomacy took place with Moscow when Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov 2X last week in Washington.

The US relationship with Russia has been at a low point, but State Department officials say the we are trying to get that relationship back to a place where we can do some sort of work together, citing the cease-fire in parts of Syria as an example.

There is no friction between President Trump and Secretary Tillerson, they get along very well and meet about 3X a week the official spokeswoman said.

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