Clapper Testifies “Trump Dossier Sources Could Not Be Verified”

Clapper Testifies “Trump Dossier Sources Could Not Be Verified”

Clapper Testifies “Trump Dossier Sources Could Not Be Verified”

The dossier on then Presidential candidate Donald Trump that contained scandalous allegations of purported ties to Russia could not be verified by the US intelligence community, America’s former intelligence chief said Monday.

During a hearing with the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, James Clapper, who served as DNI (director of national intelligence) from Y’s 2010-2017 told lawmakers the sources of the document made public in January were an issue.

“We did not make a judgment on that,” Mr. Clapper said, “We could not corroborate the sourcing.”

A former MI6 intelligence officer put together the dossier last year. It was later disseminated to media organizations, but none of them opted to publish the details of it because it could not be verified.

BuzzFeed News eventually published the document, which alleged Russia had enough compromising information on Donald Trump to blackmail him, days before President-elect Trump was sworn in as President.

President Trump and people close to him have denied everything in the dossier.

It was reported last month the FBI used information in the dossier to obtain a warrant to secretly monitor Carter Page, a former Trump Campaign aide.

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