Choosing Real (Organic) Food

Choosing Real (Organic) Food

Choosing Real (Organic) Food

For many people, eating healthy means eating Organic (Real Food) whenever possible, but choosing only Organic foods can take effort and be costly.

The Big Q: When does it make the most sense?

The Big A: Experts from the University of Texas suggest feeding young children Organic foods whenever possible to limit their exposure to pesticides.

Adults should make their primary goal to eat healthy in general.

Add Organic foods as the food budget allows. Some Organic fruits and vegetables are only a bit more expensive than non-Organic varieties, so focus on them.

Patronize your local Farmer’s Market, often Organic fruits and vegetables are less expensive there and direct Farm to Table!

Look for foods on which Organic has the most impact.

Generally, produce that you peel before eating will have less pesticide residue so it makes more sense to spend money on organic cherries than on organic bananas, Yes?

Limiting exposure to pesticides is Key, add taste to the idea of putting fewer chemicals in the soil, that may influence you to go Organic and eat Real Food, eat it raw when ever possible.

Good health is a personal decision.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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