Chinese Students Search for the American Educational Experience

Chinese Students Search for the American Educational Experience

Chinese Students Search for the American Educational Experience

The number of Chinese young men and women studying in the United States has risen in recent years. They account for more than 30% of all international students at the university level. And a growing one at the private high school/college preparatory learning institutions.

The large numbers are raising new issues for the culture and management of American universities and for the students and their parents.

According to my research, in Y 2015, the US hosted just under 1-M international students at colleges and universities, according to the Institute of International Education.

Chinese students are the largest foreign national group on US college and university campuses, posing new challenges to administrators, professors, and the students themselves.

The non-profit group Institute of International Education has studied the progress of foreign students in the Us for about 100 years.

“I think the challenge has been very large numbers of students who then tend to huddle together a little bit more than if there were just a few on campus. And so the challenge really has been to make sure that they integrate with the rest of the campus rather than just stay among themselves,”  IIE senior counselor to the President of the Institute.

I have personal Chinese friends that came to the US to study and received their undergraduate and Graduate degrees, then returned to China for their Doctorates.

According to the Institute of International Education, 23,000 students from China currently attend high school in the US. The trend highest at private schools, where international students can attend for as long as they like. As US federal law prohibits international tuition-paying students from attending public school for more than 1 year.

Professional personal life/educational training coaches are engaging with students and parents to aid in the transition, and the colleges and universities themselves, are learning to adapt their support structures to help encourage integration with their foreign students.

The Chinese students, who mostly are members of prosperous families, bring not only full tuition funds to their schools, but stipends for host families and fees for educational management agencies that serve as intermediaries between the students and schools.

As is the Chinese tradition, with challenges come benefits.

Chinese students, who most often pay the full tuition, help universities provide scholarships to US students who otherwise could afford such schooling.

A number of US-China university partnerships also provide new opportunities for academic collaboration. Now any more US students are studying Mandarin, helping to foster understanding of each other’s cultures and ideas.

Further, many American Universities are taking more measures to attract Chinese students, and international platforms are being developed to foster and help manage each and every aspect of a Chinese student’s matriculation to American colleges and universities and aid the students’ living experience. Thus, making the experience a “happy” one for students and their families at home.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”– Wiliam Butler Yeats

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