China’s Top Luxury Residence

China’s Top Luxury Residence

Following an initial launch in Piccadilly, London on June 21, One Sino Park, a new iconic luxury property in Shanghai, will open to the world with grand opening ceremonies in New York and Shanghai on June 25, 2016.

Situated in the highly desired New Binjiang Area, the future center of Shanghai, One Sino Park boasts its considerate design and all-round functionality catering to high-end clients all around the world.

The property has everything an urban home buyer needs: from its desired heart-of-city location, convenient commute, copious amenities to massive high-end shopping center. The property features luxurious baths, various pools, kids’ playroom, mediation area and extravagant settings. As one of those “land kings” reaching 5.95 billion yuan, One Sino Park is the next landmark in Shanghai and undoubtedly the posh neighborhood for elites and billionaires.

Unlike most property developers in China focusing on quantity, One Sino Park is aiming higher, “We don’t want to build anything average in this area with so much potential, which would be a waste. We want to be the top luxury residence in China. Globally-recognized luxury properties bear their own distinct characteristics, either with rich historical heritage or unique architectural design, making them unprecedented and non-duplicable, even the icon in the city. Think of Hyde Park and Central Park,” said Sun Hongbin, CEO of Sunac China Holdings, Ltd, developer of One Sino Park.

In the Chinese government’s 13th Five-Year Plan, Shanghai is projected to be the world’s financial center, like New York City and London. Shanghai will also be the world’s trade center which is compatible to China’s economic and currency (Renminbi) status in 2020. While the real estate markets in London and New York have slowed down recently and some luxury properties in New York are lowering their price, Shanghai will be the next capital of luxury real estate.

Similar to New York and London, Shanghai is a city fed by its mighty river — Huangpu River. Not surprisingly, the south extension of EXPO area along the river — namely, New Binjiang Area — will be the future business and residential center of Shanghai as well as in the world.

One Sino Park embraces the breathtaking view of Huangpu River and iconic Shanghai skyline. This land might be the last inside inner loop, and covers 700,000 square meters which guarantees its rarity and unbeatable value. Designed by gad and SHZF Architectural Design Co., Ltd, One Sino Park graces the heart of Shanghai, and the lifestyle is enhanced by seven-star resort experience. The design also incorporates high tech and innovative materials to achieve the unobstructed view of Huangpu River and city skyline, meanwhile ensuring a more eco-friendly and smart lifestyle.

Faced with the reality of such a large population in China, One Sino Park still dedicates vast land to Yuanlin, a traditional Chinese style garden which is a gem in Chinese history lasting for thousands of years. The developer generously spares 30,000 square meters, which accounts for 70% of total land, to the magnificent garden integrated with 4 main buildings, which means every resident can easily get access to the garden. People are no longer living in the concrete jungles, instead, this is the true Taoyuan, a land of peace and happiness, free from anxiety and pressure, and a dream for centuries of Chinese elites.

Art, as a increasingly important part in people’s life, One Sino Park is surrounded by 42 nearby museums and enjoys a privileged view of Oriental Crown — The China Pavilion in 2010 EXPO, now known as China Art Museum, Shanghai, which enables residents to immerse in this rich cultural landscape.

New York and London might not be the only choices when super riches resort to the ultra luxury homes, One Sino Park offers an impeccable value with the best resources in location, gorgeous views, exquisite Chinese style garden (Yuanlin) and various museums. It is truly a dream heaven for residents. The property also sets the tone and trend for future real estate development in China. Buyers move on from an idea simply a living space with shelter to more sophisticated city lifestyle elevated by environment and design. One Sino Park creates the exclusive living experience and bounds family more closely with its advanced humanistic concept of design and living.

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