China’s Official Intelligence Network Active in the US

China’s Official Intelligence Network Active in the US

China’s Official Intelligence Network Active in the US

China’s intelligence network includes 25,000 spies now operating in the United States, as well as another 15,000 American recruits, and no telling how many businesses are owned by the PLA according to reports in the press Tuesday.

“These spies, when they come to the United States, they could sleep around, they could put poison in your glass of wine to kill you; completely unscrupulous … the budget is between $3 to $4-B annually,” billionaire Chinese businessman Guo Wengui told a Washington DC news reporter..

Guo, who broke with the regime, but maintains close ties to Beijing’s military and intelligence service, said Chinese spies have 4 missions, they are:

  1. Obtain military weapons-related technology.
  2. “Buy” senior US officials personally.
  3. “Buy” family members of American political or business elites.
  4. Penetrate the American internet system and infrastructure with malicious software.

To those ends, Guo said, the Chinese government has “successfully penetrated all the major defense weapons suppliers of the US government … [and] the scale of their operations is mind boggling.”

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