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China’s 5G a Global Spying Enterprise, “China wants to ‘grab’ the World’s information”

5G Network Internet Mobile Wireless Business concept.5G standard of modern signal transmission technology.

Foreign affairs expert and Asia analyst Gordon Chang says China wants to ‘grab’ the world’s information.

They are giving subsidized equipment and Beijing is doing this because it wants to grab the world’s information,” he said Thursday of China telecom giant Huawei, which lawmakers and intelligence agencies have accused of undermining national security through alleged corporate espionage and direct ties to the Chinese government.

President Trump warns about the potential threat Huawei poses to the US, and the FCC has asked Chinese telecommunications companies like Huawei to prove they are not tools of the Chinese government.

Mr. Chang says the Chinese Communists controls all of them.

“You have China’s 2017 national intelligence law which requires every Chinese entity to spy if requested,” Mr. Chang said in a TV interview Thursday.

Also, in the Communist Party’s Top-down system, no company can resist the Communist Party’s demands. Beijing wants to grab the world’s information because it wants to know about stuff; it wants to feed its artificial intelligence networks; and, eventually, it would like to manipulate the worlds devices which will be connected to this 5G 5th generation networks.”

China wants to “be able to open your front door, drive your car off the cliff, or turn off your pacemaker,” he added.

Last year the US government banned all US companies from working with Huawei, which has denied any links to Beijing, and lawmakers are pushing tech companies to develop the technology required to cut Huawei out of domestic and overseas markets.

This has implications across the board, we have to protect ourselves,” Mr. Chang said.

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