China: The Year of the Rooster

China: The Year of the Rooster

China: The Year of the Rooster

As Chinese people return to work last Friday, the country has entered a New Year, a year in which focused reform will play a Key role in the country’s development.

It’s now the Year of the Rooster, and in Chinese culture the rooster is considered as virtuous and respectful of time, its Ccrow signalling the start of a new day.

In the New Year, China needs to continue the reform momentum of 2016 to make new achievements and breakthroughs.

Last year, the Year of the Monkey, China made outstanding results in reform. In 2016 the Central Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform held 12 meetings, deliberating on 146 major reform documents.

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, China finished 97 items of major reform last year and made over 400 reform plans.

With those efforts, the major framework for the overall deepening of reform was established, tasked with building an all-round moderately prosperous society and creating a new system for development.

Reform in the judicial sector safeguarded social justice and equity, and there were many major measures in supply-side structural reform. From taxation and finance through to the military, reform has advanced making major breakthroughs.

The Y 2017 marks an important time to comprehensively deepen reform and a crucial year to develop it. The CPC’s 19th National Congress will be held this year, depicting a new blueprint for the country.

To serve the upcoming congress requires a better grasp of reform to give momentum to economic development, promote social justice and equity and strengthen the people’s sense of gain.

Standing at a new starting point for development and facing new reform tasks, the Chinese people need to enhance their vigor and work hard.

In the reform, no progress means regression, and development demands a new chapter. In the new year, the Chinese people need to race against time and constantly advance reform with hard and steadfast work in order to prepare for the CPC’s 19th National Congress.

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