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China Winning the US Election


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If you are looking where to invest in the likely event Joe Biden is given the US Election via some very sketchy mail in voting, you don’t need to look past his employer.

China is the big winner in this years US Election, the trade war will end, Chinese stocks will be heading to the US Markets and the flow of China buying US assets will return.

US companies will again be free to ship jobs to China and the world will return to what it looked like under Obama.

Even ISIS has returned to the headlines now their primary benefactors look set to return to power.

The big loser in the election is the American worker, jobs will vanish to China, illegal immigrants will flood the USA and the workers will pay hefty taxes so the Democrats can return funds to their globalist buddies.

Trump surprised the vested interests of the Deep State in 2016 but not this year, 2020 saw them ready with mail in voting and a slew of other questionable electoral activities. “Vote Counting” mysteriously stopped and almost like magic, when it restarted Creepy Joe was winning.

A new dawn of a Socialist Workers Paradise is going to sweep America.

The smart money will be packing it’s bags and heading offshore as soon as possible.

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