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“China Will Pay for Its Economic, Biological ‘Aggression'”


Trade adviser Peter Navarro says there will be “serious consequences” for China’s role in the spread of the C-19 coronavirus chaos around the globe.

In an interview Mr. Navarro, who serves as  director of trade and manufacturing policy, defended his accusation that China withheld information and personal protective equipment from the world community at the start of the outbreak.

“I think this is a wakeup call for the remaining few Americans who don’t understand yet that the Chinese Communist Party is not a friend of America and when push comes to shove, they’re going to try to hurt us rather than help us,” he said.

he said China will eventually pay for the behavior,  and claimed China has failed to abide by Phase One of the U.S.-China trade deal in which they agreed not to steal intellectual property.

All I can tell you is there are serious discussions about all the things we need to do in response to this economic aggression, this biological aggression,” he said of China’s role in the C-19 coronavirus spread. “It’s a very serious situation. This is not a good time in US-Chinese Communist Party relationships.”

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