China Is Steadfast in the Denuclearizing of NKorea

China Is Steadfast in the Denuclearizing of NKorea

China Is Steadfast in the Denuclearizing of NKorea

Chinese President Xi Jinping told US President Donald Trump, in a telephone conversation late Wednesday that Beijing remains persistent on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

During the phone conversation,President  Xi and President Trump exchanged their views on the current situation on the KPeninsula.

Xi said China has been adamant in preserving international nuclear non-proliferation regime, maintaining peace and stability on the KPeninsula, and resolving the nuclear issue through talks.

The Chinese president said the general direction should head toward a peaceful settlement of the issue, adding that dialogue combined with a set of comprehensive measures is best for seeking a long-term solution.

President Trump said Washington is deeply concerned over the ongoing situation on the Korean Peninsula, and attaches importance to China’s essential role in resolving the issue.

He pledged to step up communication with the Chinese side in a bid to find a solution as early as possible.

Also during the phone talks, President Xi noted that exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States in various areas have been moving forward.

He added that the 2 countries’ diplomatic, security and economic teams have maintained close communication, and the two sides are preparing for the first round of dialogue on social and people-to-people exchanges, as well as on law enforcement and cybersecurity.

President Xi said China attaches great importance to President Trump’s visit to China later this year, hoping both sides can work together to ensure the visit a success.

For his part, President Trump said it is very important for him to keep close communication with President Xi and strengthen co-ordination over major international and regional affairs.

President Trump said he looks forward to visiting China and meeting President Xi again this year

By Mu Xuequan

Paul Ebeling, Editor

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