China Signals Need to Align Peacefully With President Trump

China Signals Need to Align Peacefully With President Trump

China Signals Need to Align Peacefully With President Trump

Holding early dialogue is essential to avoid tensions, conflict in US-Sino ties

Despite early speculation that the US- China relationship could fall into uncertainties and instability under the Trump Administration, experts say the 2 global powers will avoid the case by holding an early dialogue to establish “Rules of the Road.”

US President Donald Trump is taking a tougher stance toward China on a number of issues, the experts believe the 2 countries can find find a new “modus vivendi” through talks in a 1 to 2-year frame.

On his campaign trail,Daonld Trump kept hammering China for the US trade deficit and losses of jobs to America’s blue collar workers threatening to designate China as a “currency manipulator” and impose high tariffs on Chinese goods, regardless of the potential damage to both sides.

The 2 economies are deeply inter-wound.

Donald Trump claimed then that everything, including the 1-China policy that has always been upheld by his predecessors, is negotiable now. This stands as the Key move that President Trump will/can employ in talks with China, which he sees as serving American’s national interest.

That being the case experts expects “a lot of frictions” in the US-China relationship in the 1st year of the Trump Administration.

The Taiwan issue could have the most harmful impact on the bi-lateral relationship, if the US government has a major policy shift. Beijing considers the 1-China policy as the political foundation of the relationship.

Under the long standing 3 joint communiques governing China-US ties, the United States is obliged to abide by the 1-China policy, which recognizes that Taiwan is part of China and Beijing is the sole legal representative of China.

Tensions in the US-China ties are expected under the Trump Administration, citing tough public comments made by Rex Tillerson, President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State.

Mr. Tillerson demanded a complete halt of China’s construction activities in the South China Sea waters while vowing to deny China’s access to the islands, which China regards as integral parts of its territory.

The issues of dealing with the nuclear weapons program by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and cyber security could also invite mis-calculations that could test the US-China relationship.

Despite the likelihood of US-China frictions, the experts downplayed the possibility that China and the U.S may be headed for a military conflict.

The experts agree that conflicts would be detrimental to both China and the United States, while highlighting the importance of holding early talks by the two sides to establish those “Rules of the Road.”

It will be important for the officials on both sides  to maintain a constant dialogue to steer the negotiations and discussions — be it diplomacy or bargaining away from conflict emphasizing the shared interests are important for the 2 sides.

Holding an early dialogue by the 2 nations is essential to avoiding tensions or conflict.

Expect President Trump to set out his bottom lines quickly after Mr. Tillerson is confirmed Secretary of State, then call in Xi Jinping personally, Donald will not deal with underlings, to see where compromise is possible.

Stay tuned…

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