China Horse Racing: Rui Severino Takes the Training Championship

China Horse Racing: Rui Severino Takes the Training Championship

China Horse Racing: Rui Severino Takes the Training Championship

Rui Severino has claimed the Championship Crown in China’s Kunming Province home of the Rider Horse Club CITIC RIDER JIALIZE Jockey Club.

Rui has had a golden run since leaving Australia to train in China, he has claimed 2 Group 2 races and finished an unlucky second in a Group 1.

Rui has wealth of experience training horses in Macau, Australia and China.

Asian Based Knightsbridge a company that has racing interests in 6 countries have already committed to send 3 horses to Rui Severino China in early 2018, the company will be racing, breeding and syndicating in China, “Rui will be the centre of our China operations at every level, we have visited his stable and know he will continue to produce winners and help expand China racing internationally” Issaree Suwannavid CEO of Knightsbridge said.

Racing in China is Set to Boom

Rider Horse Co., Ltd, situated on the Khorchin prairie, is a China`s leading private horse industry firm. Rider was founded in 2006 and run by Chairman and CEO Mr. Lang Ling, a successful Manchu serial entrepreneur with deep passion for horses. Mr. Lang also founded and built the Chuanwangfu chain of restaurants and has successful ventures in education, manufacturing and property development.

Rider is the largest non-farming horse breeder and horse feedstock trader in China as well as offers large selection of imported horses and professional horse importing services. Rider just received significant investment from SMC Capital China (SMC ) and Shenzhen Chuangdongfang Capital, marking Rider the first company received private equity investment in China`s horse sector.

Rider is committed to build China`s largest horse breeding center to develop the best domestic thoroughbred, half-blood, warm-blood and Mongolian horses to serve the growing needs of China’s horse lovers and equestrian clubs. Rider also intends to introduce international quality branded feedstock to the Chinese market, and to expand into horse club management services. Its mission is to promote horse culture and horse industry in China and to become a global leader in its sector.

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