Chicago Bust Out ‘Nutters’ Protest Trump Tax Reform

Chicago Bust Out ‘Nutters’ Protest Trump Tax Reform

Chicago Bust Out ‘Nutters’ Protest Trump Tax Reform

Feigned anger over the passed Trump tax reform bill drew 1000+ paid protesters in Lasalle Street, Downtown Chicago Monday, where  banks, trusts companies reside, and financial services Americans work.

Individuals of all ages and demographics marched from the Chicago Board of Trade to Federal Plaza, carrying signs and chanting for equality and for Republican Senators to be held accountable.

Chicago Police Officers escorted the demonstrators along their route as they peacefully protested.

“It’s a political genocide,” Beverley Kirks told reporters. Ms. Kirks’ sister, MJ Mohr, is just as disappointed in the tax bill that makes significant cuts to the Barack Obamacare (ACA) and Medicaid, and provides tax breaks for virtually all Americans.

“I’m sick. I’m emotionally ill from everything that’s happening with the government and I can’t sit back anymore,” said Ms. Mohr. “We have to do more. We can’t just sit back. We can’t stay asleep.”

A protest at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) earlier in the afternoon brought several healthcare and political activist groups and residents from across the city to voice their discontent.

Chicago, Barack Hussein Obama’s chosen home town, has a history of protests against the GOP and The Trump administration, fearful over issues of immigration, healthcare and education (entitlements), which are affected by the tax reform bill.

Some Chicagoan’s see the tax reform bill as benefiting wealthy Americans, only. Even those who did not vote for US President Trump hoped he would keep his promises to help the middle class, but likely few protesters are middle class, they are mostly on the dole without jobs.

“It enriches the rich and subverts the under and middle class, who Trump said he was going to help, so it’s a lie,” said one man.

Protesters say they will continue to demonstrate against the tax reform bill in the coming months in the hope of making a change. They are protesting because they are being bused in to protest by Soros sponsored organizations and Mr. Hussein Obama’s FOA. The pay is $15.00 in cash a day and some food,

Stay tuned..

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