Cher Cannot Act & Does Not Like Men

Cher Cannot Act & Does Not Like Men

Director Peter Bogdanovich, 79 anni, hammered Cher, stating that she “can’t act” and “she doesn’t like men,” in an interview this week. He made the comments when asked about his experience working with Cher in the Y 1985 biopic “Mask.”

“She did not trust anybody, particularly men,” Director Bogdanovich said. “That is why she is named Cher: She dropped her father’s name.”

He further noted that Cher could not act and only won the Best Actress at Cannes because he “shot her very well.” Elaborating further, Director Bogdanovich noted that Cher “cannot sustain a scene” and would “start off in the right direction, but she would go off wrong somehow, very quickly.”

The acclaimed director said he had no choice but to shoot a lot of close-ups of Cher because this was her strong point.

“Her eyes have the sadness of the world. You get to know her, you find out it’s self-pity, but still, it translates well in movies,” he said.

Commenting on his working relationship with Cher, Director Bogdanovich said the Oscar winning actress did not like him, but that was simply because he did not like her.

“She was always looking like someone was cheating her,” he said. “I came to the set one day; I said,, ‘You depress me, you are always so down and acting like somebody is stealing from you or something.'”

This is not the 1st time Cher has been questioned about her attitude towards men.

In Y 2016, a video clip of an interview she had done with Jane Pauley in Y 1996 resurfaced and subsequently went viral. It was Cher’s offhand comment that “a man is not a necessity, a man is a luxury,” that caused a stir.

During the interview, Ms. Pauley asked Cher whether the remark was meant to sound mean and bitter. Cher’s response?

“Oh not at all… I think men are the coolest! But you do not really need them to live.”

And so it goes in Hollywood…

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