Champion Quarterback Tom Brady is the Oldest MVP in NFL History

Champion Quarterback Tom Brady is the Oldest MVP in NFL History

Champion Quarterback Tom Brady is the Oldest MVP in NFL History

The positive history of 40-year-old Quarterbacks was basically 1 great Brett Favre season with the Minnesota Vikings, but then Brady turned 40 anni.

And Mr. Brady rewrote history.

He led the NFL with 4,577 passing yards and also had 32 touchdowns with just 8 interceptions. Mr. Brady got challenged for the award by Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley, and fans always wonder if Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz would have won if not for an ACL injury.

This is not Mr. Brady’s 3rd MVP; he also won in Ys 2007 and 2010. The record for oldest MVP winner was shared by YA Tittle in Y 1963, Rich Gannon in Y 2002 and Peyton Manning in Y 2013. They were all 37.

The MVP was historic for more than just Mr. Brady’s age.

The list of players in NFL history to win more than 2 MVPs is exclusive and impressive: Peyton Manning, Jim Brown, Johnny Unitas, Brett Favre, and now Brady. Manning has five MVPs, and is the only player with more than 3.

Mr. Brady is still playing so well, catching Manning cannot be ruled out, he said last week in the lead-up to Super Bowl LII that he wants to play to his mid-40’s.

 Mr. Brady could not be at the awards ceremony because he is preparing to play in Sunday’s Super Bowl, his record 8th Super Bowl.

“Tom said he’s very honored and humbled he gets this award for MVP,” said Patriots receiver Julian Edelman, who is on injured reserve and accepted the award on his behalf at the “NFL Honors” show. “Also, he wanted to thank his teammates, his friends, family and the Patriots organization.”

Tom Brady’s age is a big part of the story.

Even with players extending their primes due to better training methods, his record as oldest MVP might hold up for a long time, and it’s still possible he breaks his own record before he retires. What he did this season was very rare: Among all NFL quarterbacks

There is no argument about Tom Brady’s place in NFL history. After 5 Super Bowl wins and 17 years of sustained greatness, his resume is unmatched in history. This 3rd NFL MVP, especially 1 at 40, solidifies his legacy in the game.

Have a terrific weekend.

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