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Celebrate Christmas, Do not Forget the Eggnog!

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Eggnog 1st made an appearance in written prose in a comic poem by Jonathan Boucher in Y 1775.

But the earliest connection with Christmas came in the Virginia Chronicle in Y 1793 when it was reported: “On last Christmas Eve several gentlemen met at Northampton court-house, and spent the evening in mirth and festivity, when EGG-NOG was the principal Liquor used by the company. After they had indulged pretty freely in this beverage, a gentleman in company offered a bet that not one of the party could write four verses, extempore, which should be rhyme and sense …”

Some interesting facts

  • Originally, eggnog was made with beer, ale or sherry and is believed to have come from England, where monks were known to drink a similar concoction in the 13th Century
  • Store-bought eggnog contains 1% or less egg yolk as mandated by the FDA; it also has artificial flavors, pasteurized milk products and a few ingredients you may not be able to pronounce
  • George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower served eggnog in the White House and 19 West Point Academy cadets were court-martialed in Y 1826 in what was known as the Eggnog Riot
  • After making the jump to America, colonists used the less expensive rum instead of sherry from England that was heavily taxed; consider making a healthy version at home using my Eggnog recipe

Eggnog has become a tradition across the world, with a few alterations depending on the country.

Australia call it an “eggflip,” made with vanilla, milk, raw egg, sugar and grated nutmeg, some consider that is a healthy, nutritious meal in a glass.

The basic recipe adds cinnamon and rum or pure grain alcohol. 

So, whether you enjoy it each year or are going to try it this year for the 1st time, using a homemade eggnog recipe is your best choice for appreciating the real flavor of the drink and avoiding unnecessary ingredients from the store-bought kind.

Healthy Holiday Eggnog Recipe

Serving Size: 1


•2 or 3 raw Organic egg yolks

•Grass fed cow’s milk enough to fill your glass or mug

•A dash of nutmeg, vanilla, a bit of light rum or White Lightning

•Raw honey to taste


  1. Put the eggs, milk, honey in a mug or glass. Add a dash of vanilla, nutmeg and the spirits
  2. Hand whisk to blend the mixture until frothy.
  3. Consume immediately.

Have a healthy Happy Christmas week, Keep the Faith!

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