Caviar, a Rare Delicacy to be Appreciated

Caviar, a Rare Delicacy to be Appreciated

Caviar, a Rare Delicacy to be Appreciated

Persian nobles are believed to be the 1st people to appreciate this rare and delicious delicacy for its great worth.

Caviar has been prized as a rare delicacy long before the arrival of raw oyster, black and white truffles.

Among the oldest delicacies in the world, aristocrats and royalty prized Caviar.

Wealthy Greeks were said to have had the delicate roe at banquets, the Russian tsars could not get enough of it.

There is something mysterious about the luxurious Sturgeon roe, whether in its complex flavor or its delicate harvesting from prehistoric fish.

There should be nothing mysterious about appreciating this delicacy.


Among the determinants of Caviar’s value includes color, texture, flavor and maturity, the older, larger and lighter-colored the eggs are, the more expensive. Cheaper caviar of lower quality usually bears a darker color, and often has a much milder flavor.

Before you can enjoy the taste of Caviar, one must respect it with proper storage. Cold temperatures are Key, ideally between -2° and +2° Celsius, never in the freezer.

Once taken out of the refrigerator, Caviar must be immediately served.

Never use metal spoons (except 22K Gold) for tasting Caviar, they will warp its intrinsic flavors, use 1 made of bone or mother of pearl.

When serving Caviar, keep it chilled on a plate of shredded ice.

The way to savor Caviar includes having a small amount of it between your index finger and thumb on the back of your hand. As you note its color and body, feel its shape and temperature. Remember that good Caviar should not leave an odor on your hand Body heat is the optimal temperature needed to release Caviar’s aroma.

The Big Q: How does one savor Caviar?

The Big A: The traditional pairings are on light white toasts, on buckwheat pancakes or stuffed in unpeeled, half-sliced potatoes on topping soft boiled Organic chicken eggs.

For drinks, go with brut champagne or premium Russian vodka. In the past, when it was incredibly hard to preserve Caviar, hard boiled eggs, sour cream and lemon were just some popular pairings that helped to mask its saltiness.

But, today savoring Caviar on its own is the best way to enjoy the full extent of its complex flavors, it is healthy and good for you too.

Have a terrific weekend.


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