The Case of Hillary and The Clinton Foundation

The Case of Hillary and The Clinton Foundation

The Case of Hillary and The Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton’s real problem is the Clinton Foundation, as the ClintonFoundation is under investigation by the FBI.

Congressional inquiries on the function of The Foundation, and whether it engaged in so called “pay-to-play” transactions in which donors to the foundation received preferential access to Hillary Clinton’s state Department, are pending.

The fact that The Foundation spent a reported 2.9% of its budget on charitable giving, while spending lavishly on travel and entertainment, suggests that The Foundation was/is little more than a the Clinton’s piggy bank.

The Wikileaks disclosure that The Foundation may have paid for all or a portion of Chelsea Clinton’s $3-M wedding adds credibility to the charge that The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a money laundering operation, a sham.

Critics charge that The Foundation would constitute a criminal conspiracy under US laws.

The issue of Hillary Clinton’s possible culpability cannot be settled by a Presidential pardon unless there is also a resolution of the future status of The Clinton Foundation.

US Presidents can issue pardons for past misdeed, proven or alleged, but they cannot issue a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” for future misdeeds. Given that the operations of The Clinton Foundation have been so controversial, it is hard to see how The Foundation can go on under Clinton Family stewardship and control.

A blanket deal where the President, whomever that is, issues a broad pardon not only to The Clintons but all their associates in return for shutting down The Clinton Foundation would probably be acceptable to Clinton critics, even if that pardon means that Hillary Clinton avoids further prosecution.

The funds in The Foundation would be forfeited to the government as part of an overall pardon deal. Whether The Clinton’s would agree to such an arrangement is unknown. But, that is probably the only way to resolve this issue definitively.

Barring a deal The Clinton’s will just fade away into obscurity, and continue to fight a protracted action against the inevitable investigations that will come from Capitol Hill and Donald Trump’s Justice Department under AG Jeff Sessions.

Ok, the Clinton’s are fighters and they will likely defend The Foundation and its ill-gotten wealth to the end, no matter how bitter the outcome.

Meantime, expect The Clintons to still make money preaching to the alt-left choir, Bill Clinton can forget those million-dollar speaking fees for his musings about the state of the world.

With Hillary Clinton out of office and no prospects of ever having another one, The Clinton Foundation can forget about receiving any more fat foreign donations.

The problem with qui pro quos is that you need a quid to deliver a pro.

None is available now.

But, wait The Clintons may not be finished with you just yet. Chelsea Clinton is said to be considering running for Congress.

Look out America, that “Apple did not fall far from the Tree”.

Have a terrific holiday week.



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