‘Carry On’ Travel is Liberating

‘Carry On’ Travel is Liberating

FLASH: Keep it Simple!

Traveling with ‘carry-on’ is a liberating way to fly.

But, there is a method to getting it right. You need to be able to fill your carry your bag with everything you need, tote it around comfortably.

People who have the knack make minimalist travel look very simple.

Below we have highlighted the secrets to carry-on-only travel, perhaps you can add some secrets of your own.

Invest in the Best Bag

You have to work with the space you have, so the 1st step to success is getting the right bag. It’s going to need to adhere to the size restrictions airlines have in place, so check before you purchase. Once you have the size sorted out you’ll need to pick a bag that helps you make space out of thin air. Look for an option with multiple sections and pockets, if possible, and use packing cubes to make the space even more efficient. Pockets on the outside of the bag are a big plus, as they offer easy access to liquids and travel documents. The fabric is important too. Consider something other than a hard case so it can expand a bit if you stuff it.

You are allowed 1 personal item on the plane in addition to your main piece of hand luggage. Pick a duffel and you will have even more space for the essentials.

Be a Packing Ninja

Once you have got the best bag at your disposal, it’s time to learn how to pack. Try to establish a system where everything has its place. Then stick to it. Finding specific items is much easier with a system in place. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to reduce the space taken and wrinkles added. Stuff small items like socks and trinkets into hollow items like shoes. Keep all your liquids together and in a Ziploc bag in an outer pocket. Use mesh bags and packing cubes and revel at your new-found organization.

Know What is Really Needed

To pack light and embrace carry-on-only travel, you need to learn to make sacrifices. We have all found ourselves over-packing and taking more than we need. What tends to happen is that you do not make a dent in the collection of random things you thought you really needed. Your best bet is to only take what you must have. Think about your core wardrobe, those items you wear all the time; they are the ones you will need when traveling. If you do need anything you have not brought with you, you can buy it when you land.. Just think of the money you saved on not checking luggage.

Pack for a Week

Regardless of how long you are traveling for, do not pack for more than a week. A week is a manageable amount of time. If you are traveling for more than a few days, then you will have to prepare to do laundry, you can hand wash your basics for short trips or use laundromats or cleaning services for longer trips. Remember that doing your laundry will be cheaper than checking in luggage and you will feel light during your travels.

Add the Correct Layers

Layers are your friend when traveling light, as they take up less space than bulky items and give you way more flexibility. If heading to somewhere cold, consider a thermal shirt or wool base layer. If you need to take bulky items, then don’t even think about packing them. Wear big boots, coats or a suit if you need one. If you have got the right layers, you should be prepared for whatever weather comes at you.

Fabricate More Clothes

Multi-functional clothing is a great way to create more outfits from the same number of garments. Perhaps lending itself more to the ladies, the sarong is the epitome of multi-functional. One simple piece of fabric can be not only a skirt but a blanket, dress, scarf or even a privacy curtain. Items that can be worn multiple ways are Key.

While thinking about fabrics, try to choose items that will dry quickly. This will help if you run out of clothes and need to wash something. It will also help should you get caught in the rain and need to wear an item again the next day. If you can mix in wrinkle-resistant fabrics, you will be on to a real winner.

Keeping it Simple

When it comes to the color palette, simplicity is best. If you can choose 3 core colors, your entire wardrobe will match, and you will find yourself with infinitely more combinations to choose from. Choose individual pieces instead of complete outfits. Then, when you come to pack, make sure everything can mix and match. Use accessories if you need some quirky colors or zany patterns. That way you can still have your own style.

Enjoy your travels…

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