Can’t Cook, You Stand Little Chance of Living a Long & Healthy Life

Can’t Cook, You Stand Little Chance of Living a Long & Healthy Life

Can’t Cook, You Stand Little Chance of Living a Long & Healthy Life

Lots of people do not know how to properly feed themselves, at worst, they outsource it to a fast food restaurant, at best, they follow fad diet advice found in a magazine.

If you are not cooking your own food, it is difficult to eat healthy.

People need cooking lessons as much as they needed access to fresh produce, as many do not know how to prepare whole Real foods from scratch. Further, many do not understand the connection between a good diet and good health.

Some communities are setting up cooking classes are held by volunteers, many of whom have neither teaching nor culinary backgrounds. But, what they do have is a passion for healthy eating and cooking. And they teach people how to do both on a tight budget.

Pediatricians have come to understand the deep need for cooking instruction, as many young patients suffer from gut problems, constipation and lack of bowel movement, and this is a direct cause of eating a fiber-less, highly refined processed food diet. Laxatives do nothing to fix the problem. Parents have to work to improve their children’s health through proper diet, and that includes the know-how of cooking with healthy ingredients.

America’s school lunches are notorious for their poor quality.

Today, in majority of schools none of the food are made in house, and most are notably lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables. Making school lunches the epitome of processed factory food, laden with sugar and synthetic ingredients. The seriousness of this is deepened by the fact that many low-income children depend on their school lunch as the primary, and maybe the only meal of the day.

The experts tell us that if we do nothing, 1 in 3 children will develop diabetes in their lifetime. This is unacceptable, as we know that through diet alone, that can be changed

School officials in Riverside County, California developed a successful farm-to-school program.

They began with 3 farmers, the program has grown to 9 different farms, which cooperate and coordinate their services via a food hub. And 2 years ago, the district committed to serving only fresh produce, they now use No canned, processed or frozen fruits or vegetables.

This switch there addressed the Key issue brought up by some people that kids will not eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and that fresh Real foods are a waste of the school’s money. Of course it is true that if all children see and have to eat, that is what they get used to aka addicted, eating.

The Big Q: How to educate the whole child and teach being a lifelong healthy eater?

The Big A: The farm-to-school program is the perfect way to teach millions of US school children to eat healthy.

In generations past, cooking skills were passed from parent to child, but at the advent of processed foods, many lost these crucial homemaking skills.

The fact is if you cannot cook there is little chance living a long and healthy life. Cooking real Organic food is the foundational for disease prevention and survival.

To all’s benefit, Organic, locally grown foods are becoming easier to source; between farmers markets, food hubs, and other community supported agriculture (CSA) venues.

Remember, we always have the option of growing our own, and that is the best option.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively.


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