Cancer is the Biggest Health Challenge in America

Cancer is the Biggest Health Challenge in America

Cancer is the Biggest Health Challenge in America

Americans believe their greatest health care challenge is cancer, a new survey finds.

Cancer is #1 on the list, followed by obesity, neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; diabetes and heart disease.

Also, while Zika virus and Ebola garner the media’s attention, the survey respondents were least concerned about these infectious disease, including HIV-AIDs.

The survey, called the National Health Checkup (NHC), 1st launched this past January and provides a take on Consumer health opinions and behaviors several times throughout the year. NHC is conducted by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Most respondents believe that the biggest strides are being made in treating heart disease (83%), and the least in obesity (52%).

With cancer, about 75% believed some progress was being made. But, Black and Hispanic respondents were 2Xas likely as White respondents to say that progress is being made with obesity.

On cancer, the NHC asked the respondents which they believed was the ‘scariest’ form of the disease. They ranked brain cancer the ‘scariest cancer’ and colon and skin cancers ’least scary’

Below is how the cancers ranked in “scariest” terms, as follows:

  1. Brain (38%)
  2. Pancreatic (20%)
  3. Lung (10%)
  4. Breast (8%)
  5. Prostate (7%)
  6. Colon (5%)
  7. Skin (5%)

“A cancer diagnosis is scary for anyone, no matter the type,” says Dr. John T. Wald, of the Mayo Clinic. The positive thing is that early detection and treatment can significantly improve patient outcomes, and we have excellent screenings for many of these cancers. Today, the 5-year survival rate for all breast cancers is 91% – in large part because of early detection and advances in treatment.”

The survey taken in July involved about 1,000 people from across the US.

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