Calling All Young Talents!!! For NEXT Generation

Calling All Young Talents!!! For NEXT Generation

Young People spend so much time researching how to get more followers, applying and doing everything they can to get noticed, even trying to buy their ways into becoming the next internet sensation. Everyone thinks of themselves as different because we all are, we all have different talents and are pursuing different goals. Ivy Heffernan has thought of a brilliant idea, to bring together the prodigy children (includes young adults). Her goal is to seek out individuals with talent, bring everyone together and make the NEXT Generation something to remember. Here’s a message from inside Ivy’s group to all members.

Her page was just opened and currently being built up, but the closed group already has posts and members.

How far will this NEXT Generation movement really go? Stay tuned to find out and follow

to watch Ivy Heffernan’s journey.

Ivy is participating in the MaxFit 21 Day Body Transformation Programme, Does Make Up videos, and is also starting on her first film making project. All of which will be release hours from now.

Ivy Heffernan Bio (Worth the  read)

From Modeling To Economics;
My name is Ivy Heffernan, and I am interested in a wide range of professions.
Economics and politics at the age of 16 is easy when your father has a Ph.D in economics, i have been taught to put together technical analyst and stay up to date with the changing markets as well as what is happening in the political world.
Modeling: Since a young age i have been fond of modeling, losing over 40.. kgs to achieve my goal at becoming a super model. I have found it to be a more beneficial experience than just looking pretty. It has opened up many doors to my future and has made me quite outgoing, bringing me to my next topic
Journalism: I love Traveling and meeting new people, of course my mind always gets wrapped around business, so i decided to turn it into one. I go to events, restaurants, model parties, clubs ect.. to interview people on their businesses and then write an article all about it and the experience.
Summary: I think being a well rounded individual on all topics is the most important thing to everyone, with the changing economies it’s good to know that no matter what life throws at you, and no matter what job you are given, you’ll always be capable.

Well said! This Young lady is on her way to doing big things in the future, but she wants you on the journey with her. Become the NEXT Generation.

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Ivy Heffernan

Ivy Heffernan, student of Economics at Buckingham University. Junior Analyst at HeffX and experienced marketing director.

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