Buying or Selling a Tier 1 Collector Car at Auction is an Art

Buying or Selling a Tier 1 Collector Car at Auction is an Art

Many Tier 1 collector cars trade hands at auctions, but some lower quality cars also change hands at the same events, unless you are an expert in the the field is is difficult to gauge the differences.

Buying a collector car at auction can be experience fraught with expensive pitfalls.

We here at HeffCap are for the 1st time offering our deep experience in the vintage and classic car market to clients interested in this asset class make deeply informed buying decisions.

We attend the major US auctions, and the Key international auctions

In addition to physically inspecting the car and research its provenance, we can draw on our extensive network of industry contacts and relationships with the auction houses to negotiate buys and sells for our clients.

Our industry relationships are deep, and in the Tier 1 category it is likely that we have knowledge of a prospect car or its owner already.

We are specialist in pre-1972 Ferraris, Pre-WWII Alfa Romeos, 1950 thru 1960 Maserati’s, Classic F1 racing cars, and more.

Our services include:

  • Agency agreements covering public and private treaty transactions.
  • • Due Diligence includes interface with the auction houses and review of the car’s history and details
  • • Reviewing of all related documents
  • • In-person physical and mechanical inspection of the car
  • • Bidding
  • • Paperwork and logistics

If you wish like to engage the HeffCap team to help you with an auction buy or sell, please contact us to discuss the process and we assist, click here for more information,

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