Buy & Eat Organic Food, Preserve & Protect Our Planet

Buy & Eat Organic Food, Preserve & Protect Our Planet

Buy & Eat Organic Food, Preserve & Protect Our Planet

There are lots of reasons to buy Real Organic food, not the least of which is to avoid eating pesticides, GMO ingredients, antibiotics and artificial hormones.

Also really important is that it is super way to help preserve and protect The Earth

In fact, if every person in the US made 10% of their purchases Organic this is what would happen:

organic food

Below are a few ways that buying Organic food helps to save The Earth.

1. Organic farming keeps toxic, persistent pesticides out of our environment.

Toxic, persistent pesticides create huge, long-term issues like groundwater pollution, soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and human health problems.

2. Organic fields absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide).

At an estimated rate of 3,670 lbs per acre per year, Organic fields absorb CO2.

3. Organically raised animals have a lower C (carbon) footprint than conventionally raised animals.

When animals graze on pasture and eat what they were born to eat, they are healthier and have a smaller impact on air quality and their environment. Pasture-raised animals also eat less or no Corn, which is fossil fuel intensive  and usually grown with chemical fertilizers.

4. Organic companies strive for sustainability.

Many Organic companies look to more sustainable practices when it comes to packaging, energy use and planet protection, since this is part of what Organic is all about.

5. Organic farming works with nature instead of against it.

All farmers need to nourish their crops and protect their plants from diseases and pests. Organic farmers do this by building healthy soil, bringing in barrier plants and  good insects that keep the bad ones away and making sure their land stays healthy. Though these methods are more labor-intensive and often more costly, they help nourish and protect our entire eco-system.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively.


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