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Businesses are Returning to Productivity, Resilience is Key


Investments in resiliency will be/are a Key part of survival for many businesses, providing the know how required if there are further setbacks ahead over the next year or 2.

Many companies are conjuring the details and building the capabilities needed for a return to productivity (work).

They are running spreadsheets to see how many people spaced 6 ft apart will fit in an office, planning 1-way paths through the workplace, and figuring out adaptations to rest rooms, lunch rooms, and entrances.

The Big Q: Who decided that 6 ft apart is the magic number?

The Big A: The CDC is now saying the C-19 Coronavirus is very hard to get.

Ok, all of that is seen as critical tasks, but are they all even necessary, likely not. The ability of Top leaders to focus on the task of building capabilities define their companies and emerge intact from the medical malpractice chaos over the next 2 years.

Many companies already have most of what is needed, they will organize these resources to form quick and easy technology capabilities in a few days, weeks, not months or years.

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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