Burnt Out at the Office, Fix It!

Burnt Out at the Office, Fix It!

Burnt Out at the Office, Fix It!

Finding the right work-life balance is not easy.

The Big Q: Why?

The Big A: Well, because for lots of people, 9 – 5 has stretched to 9 – 7 and beyond. Plus responsibilities can start much earlier in the day, especially for those with wives and children in the morning.

Burnout is nothing new

Burnout was 1st described back in the 1970’s as a work-related state of distress, with symptoms like exhaustion and reduced productivity, and more alarming, without intervention, it becomes a stressful, chronic, a way of life.

Though burnout stems from work-related pressures, it can affect relationships and every aspect of your life. In extreme cases, one could stop functioning well on any level.

Back to balance

Getting back to balance means taking one’s needs off the back burner and take steps to care for oneself.

If you have been neglecting good health habits like eating well, exercising, and engaging with family and friends, then start to carve out more personal time.

Make a plan, and keep to it.

Re-evaluate your work situation.

Resist the impulse to compete with colleagues by taking on more or bigger projects.

If managers expect you to live for work and be there around the clock, try to re-establish boundaries.

Determine what is an acceptable number of work hours to you and advocate for yourself with your boss, or find something you love to do and become your own Boss.

If you find that you cannot make needed adjustments on your own, consider an intervention program that shows you how to combat burnout.

They are often run by independent life coaches and business consultants, and might even be sponsored by your employer.

Or, again: find something you love to do and become your own Boss.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively.


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