BudCoin: The Marijuana CryptoCurrency

BudCoin: The Marijuana CryptoCurrency

HEFFX has built the ultimate Marijuana cryptocurrency and is now calling on expressions of interest for the purchase or partnering of the digital currency.

BudCoin has been built to be a prime transactional unit for the Marijuana states in the USA that allow for recreational usage and medical usage.

With a limited number of Tokens in an unminable environment and built of the smart contract model it is a Crytocurrency than can be tailored to become the base of any licensed grower or retailer.

Incuded in the purchase is a White Paper that will be customised to the buyers needs and listing on varius exchanges, it is an opportunity for someone in the business to grow their business or for a 3rd party providor to build around the payment system and create their very own niche in the lucrative legal Marijuana business.

  • Legal sales hit $US9.7 billion in 2017, a 33% increase over 2016, according to a new report.
  • The growth is buoyed by new states legalizing marijuana, and sales exceeding expectations in existing markets.
  • Analysts predict the market to hit $US24.5 billion in sales by 2021, despite continued federal prohibition.

Recreational use is legal in seven states, and some form of medicinal use is legal in thirty states.

That $US9.7 billion was before California opened its massive retail market in January. The addition of the Golden State is huge for the industry and estimates are that national marijuana sales will rise to $11 billion in 2018, and to $21 billion in 2021.

There are 9,397 active licenses for marijuana businesses in the U.S. a great market for the prospective buyer or a great jump on the competition for someone already in the industry.

Like other states that have legalized recreational marijuana, California is creating a network of privately owned but tightly regulated pot shops that will offer shoppers a wide variety of products, from the smokeable “flower” most people are familiar with to cannabis-infused foods called edibles, and increasingly popular marijuana extracts used for vaping.

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S. Jack Heffernan Ph.D. Funds Manager at HEFFX holds a Ph.D. in Economics and brings with him over 25 years of trading experience in Asia and hands on experience in Venture Capital, he has been involved in several start ups that have seen market capitalization over $500m and 1 that reach a peak market cap of $15b. He has managed and overseen start ups in Mining, Shipping, Technology and Financial Services.

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