Brushfires in South Australia Described as Horrific Catastrophe

Brushfires in South Australia Described as Horrific Catastrophe

Brushfires in South Australia Described as Horrific Catastrophe

Last November an emotional South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill described the brushfires burning North of Adelaide as “horrific,” survivors told of traumatic experiences.

With two people confirmed dead and 16 hospitalized with injuries, Mr. Weatherill said the situation was “hard to get in touch with”.

“It’s an awful thing to imagine. People dying in such circumstances,” he said as efforts were made to bring the blaze under control. “Best not to dwell on that.”

Mr. Weatherill reached out to the families of the victims. His thoughts were also with the survivors and spoke of the need to support them through difficult times.

He said it was important people in and around the fire zone did not become complacent to avoid further deaths or injuries.

“There will be time for us to reflect on this in due course but we are in the middle of a dangerous situation,” the Premier said.

Professor Simon Maddocks, the Vice Chancellor of Charles Darwin University, described how he managed to save his home by activating a sprinkler system remotely by mobile in Darwin.

Despite managing to save his home, he watched his 45-hectare Wheat farm near Hamley Bridge as was destroyed by the fire.


The Insurance Council of Australia declared the bushfires a catastrophe, and established a taskforce, activated its disaster hotline and deployed staff to deal with the fallout from blaze.

The Council urged people who suffered losses in the fire to contact their insurer.

By Rhys O’Connell

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