UK PM Theresa May, “I Quit”

UK PM Theresa May, “I Quit”

FLASH: UK PM Theresa May in Quotes: from BREXIT Means BREXIT to I Quit

Theresa May was the “BREXIT Means BREXIT” UK Prime Minister. For almost 3 years since Britain voted to leave the European Union, Mrs. May repeated the mantra that she would deliver the departure.

But time and circumstance have made her change her words.

Then on 27 March 2019 Mrs. May said,”I know there is a desire for a new approach – and new leadership – in the second phase of the BREXIT negotiations, and I will not stand in the way of that.” Meaning “I quit”

A Key question asked by Americans watching the ferocious BREXIT debate in the British House of Commons is why after a string of stinging rejects by lawmakers Theresa May remains Prime Minister.

The answer is having nearly lost power in their last trip to the polls in Y 2017, the ruling Conservative Party fears facing the voters in another election that the replacement of the Prime Minister is likely to generate.

A defeat for the Conservatives would result in their worst nightmare: Jeremy Corbyn – Labour leader, who once described Karl Marx as a “great economist” and favors “an end to NATO” as Prime Minister.

2 just-completed polls show the Conservatives declining in support among the voters.

According to a Survation Poll conducted for the UK’s Daily Mail, the opposition Labour Party leads the Conservatives in a parliamentary election by 39% to 35%, with the smaller Liberal Democrats at 10% and other parties in single digits.

The previous Survation poll in February showed the Conservatives leading Labour by 40-36%.

The YouGov poll, conducted for the Times of London, showed Conservatives edging Labour by 35% to 31%, with the Liberal Democrats at 12% and all other parties in single digits.

Last month, YouGov had the Conservatives leading Labour by a stronger 40% to 31%.

Now there are few, if any, bets on who Mrs. May’s likely successor will be or when she will be out.

Stay tuned…

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