Brexit: Situation Report

Brexit: Situation Report

British Prime Minister Theresa May said there would be no way to delay a June 19 start to Brexit negotiations as she urged voters to give her a strong mandate in a national election due next week. “Those negotiations will start just 11 days after polling day and there won’t be any putting it off. It won’t be possible to stall it. The Europeans are ready. That’s the timetable that has been set,” she told supporters at an event in London.

Britain Monday said it would be a “strong partner” to Germany in response to comments by German Chancellor Angela Merkel about Britain and the US no longer being reliable allies. “As we begin the negotiations about leaving the EU, we will be able to reassure Germany and other European countries that we are going to be a strong partner to them in defense and security and, we hope, in trade,” Interior Minister Amber Rudd told BBC radio. “We can reassure Mrs Merkel that we want to have a deep and special partnership so that we can continue to maintain European-wide security to keep us all safe from the terrorists abroad and those that are trying to be nurtured in our country,” she said.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is prepared to “don khaki, pick up a rifle and head for the front lines” if the government does not deliver a good Brexit deal for Britain.

Addressing an audience at a £63 (US$82) per head event at Southampton Concorde Club on Sunday, Farage said if a good ‘divorce’ is not delivered, “there will be widespread public anger in this country in scale and a way we have never seen before.”

“If that happens, much as I’m enjoying myself … I enjoy my trips to the [United] States with [Donald] Trump and the White House and everything else. I’m enjoying my life,” he added.

“But if they don’t deliver this Brexit that I spent 25 years of my life working for, then I will be forced to don khaki, pick up a rifle and head for the front lines.”

Farage was then engulfed by cheers from the crowd.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today program ahead of the manifesto launch, UKIP party leader Paul Nuttall said: “What we need to do is to ensure that the prime minister goes into [Brexit] negotiations, confident in our great country and in the knowledge that if she begins to backslide that there is a party there that will rise in the polls, that will do well in local elections, that will put the pressure on and that’s why UKIP is so important.

“In fact, UKIP is more important now than it has ever been because UKIP is the insurance policy for the country to ensure that we get the Brexit that people voted for last year.”

Commenting on the Manchester tragedy that killed 22 people, Nuttall told the press Britain needed “a far more muscular approach” to social integration. He also backed seizing the passports of Brits who left to join Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

“I believe that anyone who leaves this country to fight for Islamic State should forfeit their passport, their citizenship, and never be allowed to return,” he said at the manifesto launch in Westminster.

“The fact that this Islamist terrorist [in Manchester] targeted a concert which was primarily attended by children and teenagers simply proves that there is no depth to which these evil and warped individuals will not stoop,” Nuttall added.

“When I was elected leader of UKIP six months ago, I was clear right away that the threat posed to our people by Islamic fundamentalism was one of the major issues I and indeed all politicians would face in the coming years. I also identified the need to take a far more muscular approach to social integration and against segregation as a key policy area.”

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