BREXIT – Latest News

BREXIT – Latest News

BREXIT – Latest News


The chief executive of Goldman Sachs has warned that London’s financial centre will “stall” due to the turmoil of the Brexit process.

EU will be a smaller continent, economies will shrink accordingly, and Europe will face a demographic crisis.

EU leaders have suggested that the Brexit bill would simply be a case of ‘settling the accounts’ and forcing the UK to honour previous commitments. Theresa May on the other hand will not give in easily.

Jean Claude Juncker has said: “Slowly but surely, English is losing importance.” It is the latest blow in an intensifying war of words between the EU and the UK, with Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon saying on Friday morning that Brexit talks would be easier if Commission officials kept their comments to themselves.

Ms Theresa May sensationally accused EU officials and politicians of trying to swing the UK election, after details of a private meeting she had with Mr Juncker were leaked to the German press.

The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has fallen to a new low after failing to hold on to a single seat in local council elections.

Douglas Carswell, who used to be the party’s only MP, said UKIP is ‘done’ now that it has lost dozens of seats to Britain’s leading Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

The war of words continued between London and Brussels on Friday, with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker attacked the English,  he said would stop speaking English because it is “losing importance.” that’s Great News” said Shayne Heffernan, “I will not have to listen to his rubbish anymore.”

Critics accused Ms. Theresa May of acting like Donald Trump in seeking election show-fights with foreign leaders.

The British Pound will struggle through the duration of 2017 as the UK economy cools amidst rising inflation.

Uncertainty among Businesses as to what the country’s future trading relations with Europe will be like.

The fracas comes after a series of cantankerous remarks exchanged by officials in both cities, following a dinner hosted for Juncker at Downing Street last week.

British Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon, who has called on Commission officials to keep “their views to themselves.”

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 on Friday morning, Fallon criticized Juncker, saying the whole negotiation process “would certainly be easier if Commission officials kept their views to themselves and not further complicate what is already going to be a tough negotiation.

“It’s clear from Theresa May’s reaction that she is prepared, whatever the Commission officials are doing in Brussels, the bureaucrats, she is prepared to stand up for Britain’s vital national interests in these very complicated talks.”

Fallon added that “any criticism of Commission officials is fair, that leaking should not have occurred, it was a very one-sided account of a dinner meeting.”



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