Our Brains Power Our Lives, Nourish It Daily

Our Brains Power Our Lives, Nourish It Daily

Our Brains Power Our Lives, Nourish It Daily

Our brain powers our lives. So, it is Key that we treat the brain as we care for our heart, or any other part of our body and it is critical that we begin focusing on brain health as early in our lives as possible.

Without course correction, cognitive functions actually start diminishing while we are in our 30’s. In fact, cognitive decline can begin 20 years before any symptoms start to appear.

But, loss of brain function as we age is not inevitable, and we can take measures early to protect the integrity of our brain function.

Maintaining brain health results from subscribing to a more active and healthy lifestyle as we grow older. Exercise, proper nutrition, healthful sleep and rest, stress management are among the lifestyle goals that must be addressed in order to maintain the health of our brain long term.

In contrast to what you may have heard, our genes do not fully determine our fate.

What we do on a daily basis to promote health and wellness, including our brain health can help prepare us to thrive as we age. As we continue to live longer than ever before, it is essential that we begin nourishing and supporting our brains early and correctly.

Keith Black, MD, is the Founder/Chairman and Professor, Department of Neurosurgery at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

He has discovered 5 Key ingredients shown in clinical research to yield significant brain health benefits.

Together, Dr. Black and his Team worked to identify and thoroughly test ingredients, specifically designed for supporting the brain, Each ingredient has a special role and function to play within the brain.

The Key ingredients are, as follows:

  1. DHA (Omega-3), an essential Omega-3 fatty acid, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) that serves as a major structural component of the brain promoting optimal neuronal function and supports synaptic membrane structure and function, healthy neurotransmitter function, and support of the stability and fluidity of cellular membranes
  2. EPA (Omega-3), another important Omega-3 fatty acid, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) supports cognitive function for maximum brain health.
  3. Fisetin, an important flavonoid (plant phytochemical) found in certain fruits and vegetables shown in animal studies to support memory and mental function. Fisetin’s antioxidant properties are believed to promote memory storage by forming strong connections between neurons in the brain, and provide support against free radicals
  4. Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, a naturally occurring polyphenols (compounds in plants that have antioxidant properties) that can help reduce the formation of free radicals in the body and have neurosupportive effects.
  5. Vitamin D, which supports overall brain structure and function by working with Omega-3 fatty acids to support cognitive function and contains powerful immune support, essential for brain health.

Choosing to be proactive and help mitigate cognitive decline means that several actions are required for maximum effectiveness on brain function over time, including maintaining optimal BMI, refraining from smoking and minimizing alcohol consumption, engaging in regular physical activity and committing to well-balanced diet that is rich in Organic fruits and vegetables.

Switching to Real Food diets that are low in saturated fats, processed flour and sugar can stem irreversible progressive brain disorder.

Studies show that people who consume a lot of junk food and processed foods and do not get proper nutrition may end up having less brain cognition over time as they age.

Investing in your brain health now can change the path to cognitive decline.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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