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Box Office: ‘No Time to Die’ Opens to $56-M Domestically, Crosses $300-M Globally


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The 25th James Bond installment came in on the low end of expectations in North America but should enjoy a long run based on word-of-mouth and strong holds overseas.

Heading into the weekend, MGM and EON Productions’ No Time to Die had hoped to cross $60-M in its domestic launch based on tracking and advance ticket sales.

The film’s opening underscores the ongoing challenges facing the box office recovery as studios begin to release adult-skewing movies that were delayed because of the chaos. No Time to Die was pushed back 3X due to the VirusCasedemic (VSd).

The Bond pic skewed male (64%), while 57% of ticket buyers were over the age of 35, including 36% over 45 anni.

Another factor: No Time to Die cost about $300-N to produce before a huge marketing campaign runs a 2hrs 43 mins, reducing showtimes and making it the longest in the franchise.

Bond movies have never seen huge openings and, instead, rely on strong multiples. The films continue to be bigger internationally.

Have some fun see a movie in the theater this week, Keep the Faith!

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