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Box Office: MGM Inks Cloud Computing Deal with Amazon for New Revenue Opportunities


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MGM (a private company) is set to move all of its content to Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN)cloud and use the tech giant’s software to modernize its media supply chain.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer has signed a cloud computing agreement with Amazon Web Services to move its content and distribution efforts to the tech giant’s cloud and to help the studio develop “new business models” and “new revenue opportunities,” according to a statement from both of the companies.

Under the terms of the deal, the studio, which owns the James Bond movie franchise, as well as an archive of TV shows will move its entire library to the AWS cloud and utilize AWS software to power its distribution efforts across platforms.

The deal centralizes the studio’s media supply chain within Amazon’s servers, allowing it to transfer, process and package its films and TV shows for distribution to linear networks, streaming services and other entertainment providers.

The deal will also have the studio utilizing AWS software to develop new business opportunities and speed up existing ones.

MGM will use Amazon SageMaker software “to predict content viewing and sales trends so they can forecast demand for their vast content library.” It will also use Amazon Rekognition software to tag every frame of its movie and TV library, “making it easier for MGM’s partners to find and license film and TV shows for their lineups.”

Our new cloud-based media supply chain will give us increased visibility into owned content, the ability to better inform our sales teams, and faster processing of licensing deal that will help us deliver more content experiences to viewers and grow new revenue opportunities,” said Doug Rousso, EVP/CTO of MGM in an official statement.

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