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Box Office: ‘Freaky’ Vs COVID Hits with $3.7-M Opening


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The latest collaboration from Blumhouse and Universal came in on the lower end of expectations after theater re-closures in markets and warnings from health authorities in a number of states urging consumers to stay home.

Blumhouse and Universal’s Freaky topped the struggling North American box office with a $3.7-M weekend debut.

Freaky is the 14th Blumhouse film to place No. 1 in its opening. Directed by Happy Death Day’s Christopher Landon, the R-rated film stars an innocent teenage girl (Kathryn Newton) who finds she has switched bodies with a  serial killer (Vince Vaughn).

Overall, 47.7% of theaters in the US are up and running. Overseas, where cinemas have re-closed in a number of European markets, Freaky grossed $1.9-M from 20 markets for a global start of $5.6-M.

Over the weekend, Universal and Focus claimed 3 of the Top 5 spots on the box office chart.

Focus’ Let Him Go placed #2 in its 2nd weekend with $1.8-M for a domestic total of $6.9-M, while fellow Focus title Come Play came in #4 in its 3rd frame with $1.1-M for a total of $7.3-M.

Then there is this scary movie, ‘Songbird’

Quarantine Thriller: It’s Only a Movie, Except When It Isn’t

The official trailer for a quarantine thriller movie, ‘Songbird‘ shows a dystopian life where, for the 215th wk, everyone is locked down and anyone breaking quarantine is shot on sight.

It may sound like something that could not possibly happen in real life except the steps are already in place that could turn make believe into real life.

Think about it, the narrative is not unrealistic, and the horror of it isn’t either.

Have some fun, try to see a movie this week, do not be afraid.

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