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Box Office: ‘Demon Slayer’ Japan’s Biggest Hit Ever


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Thanks to low levels of China Virus infection and fully operating cinemas nationwide, the anime feature ‘Demon Slayer‘ smashed nearly every 1 of Japan’s major box-office records, becoming a cultural phenom in the country.

Runaway anime blockbuster Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train became Japan’s biggest box-office hit of all time over the weekend according to its distributor Aniplex.

Demon Slayer has been a bright spot in a difficult yr for the global film industry.

The film has been smashing records in Japan ever since its opening on 16 October including the biggest 1-day gross, and the biggest 3-day opening weekend ever.

Demon Slayer also became the fastest movie in the history of Japan’s box office to cross $100-M, hitting those marks in just 10 days. The film’s vivid CG animated action also proved a smash on Imax (NYSE:IMAX), becoming the format’s biggest movie ever in Japan with $21-M.

Demon Slayer is based on a popular Y 2016 manga by Japanese artist Koyoharu Gotoge. But the property did not become a pop cultural phenom until it was adapted into an anime series for television.

Produced by Tokyo-based studio Ufotable, the 26-episode series aired on Tokyo MX and other channels in Y 2019, but later became a sleeper smash hit when it re-aired on Netflix (NASDAQ:NLFX) and Fuji TV.

The popularity of the series reignited interest in the manga, making it a runaway bestseller. As of December, the Demon Slayer manga series has sold nearly 120-M copies.

When Ufotable’s big-screen adaptation of the series hit Japanese cinemas this Fall, as Japanese cinemas nationwide had fully reopened nationwide after a period of COVID-19 shutdown in the Spring.

Since the Hollywood studios had postponed most of their releases until Y 2021, Demon Slayer had limited foreign competition and Japanese cinemas were very motivated to wring as much earnings as possible for the blockbuster.

One multiplex in Tokyo’s Roppongi district played Demon Slayer more than 40X per day, according to The Japan Times.

The film has become much more than a event film within Japan. As companies ranging from sushi restaurant franchises to canned coffee and toy-making have seen their sales and share prices spike this year after inking Demon Slayer licensing deals.

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