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Box Office: 706 North American Theaters Shuttered on Virus Fears


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Over the 20-22 November weekend, Blumhouse and Universal’s body-swap reboot Freaky came in at #1 with $1.2-M in its 2nd frame, a 66% fall. That is 1 of the lowest chart-topping grosses of all time.

Heading into the weekend, 646 movie theaters in the U.S. closed down again virtually overnight due to a spike in COVID cases, according to Comscore.

Also, there were 60 cinemas re-closures in Canada, meaning that in the span of several days, the North American box office lost 706 locations compared to a week ago.

Domestic revenue for the weekend came in at anywhere from $4 to 5-M.

Cinemas in Los Angeles and New York City have never been allowed to reopen.

Given the limited number of open theaters, the holiday movie season will be tasked with bridging the gap between this most challenging period and when the cinematic big guns arrive in the form of what looks to be a spectacular Y 2021 slate of blockbusters.

According to Comscore, there were 2,154 theaters open in the US over the 20 – 22 November weekend, or 40% of the country’s 5,449 locations .

The weighted box office, i.e., a ranking of theaters in terms of the revenue they contribute to the overall take is dropping.

COVID has presented a challenge unlike no other and weathering this storm will be no easy task, but if history tells us anything it is that the movie theater experience is an essential component of the entertainment ecosystem and will find a way to survive.

Have a healthy holiday week, Keep the Faith!

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