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Boris Johnson, Donald Trump Friendship Back on Track

The political friendship between President Trump and British Prime Minister Johnson is back on track.

PM Johnson’s Conservative Party’s expected victory in Thursday’s election, clears the way for his BREXIT deal with the European Union, and a trade deal with the United States.

And that means the friendship that had been “soft peddled” before the vote in Britain, where President Trump is unpopular, can resume now.

President Trump might even see PM Johnson’s victory as a good sign for himself.

The friendship started after President Trump won in Y 2016 prior to that, Mr. Johnson had been harshly critical.

Then Mr. Johnson realized the best way to get to President Trump was through his top aides particularly Stephen Miller, the anti-immigration firebrand and frequent Trump speechwriter.

“There were a few times when Boris Johnson would just come and meet, somewhat surreptitiously, with Stephen Miller and vice versa,” an unnamed former White House official told the press.

A Trump Administration official said PM Johnson and President Trump talk roughly once every other week now.

“They are buddies,” the official said. “Probably his closest relationship.”

That is in sharp contrast to President Trump’s relationship with Mr. Johnson’s predecessor, Theresa May, whom President Trump “loathes,” the official said.

“On policy grounds, Johnson is a lot closer to the continental Europeans than he is to Trump. That is the irony,” Tom Wright, a foreign policy analyst at the Brookings Institution says.

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